Meitav is the Hebrew word for "The Best", For us it's not only a name, but a value. We are committed to produce delightful food products for affordable prices.


Meitav Sauce & food industries LTD. was founded in 1984 with the aim of responding to growing market demands for quality food products in reasonable prices. Over the years our range of products grew and more effort was put on developing new products for the retail market.


Today Meitav holds a significant market share in the Israeli food market by focusing in four main product lines:

  • Sauces - Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, BBQ sauce and more.
  • Seasonings - Vinaigrette, Garlic sauce, Vinegar, preserved Lemon juice, crushed Garlic and more.
  • Sweets - Chocolate, nut and Halva Spreads, Jams, Syrups, honey supplements and Bakery's baking supplies.
  • Asian Sauces - Soy, Sweet Chili, Hot Chili, Sweet and Sour sauce, Teriyaki, Spicy Mayo and more.


In order to allow all our customers, both in the institutional and  the retail markets, to enjoy the best, all of our products are offered in a range of packaging styles and sizes. It varies from Institutional containers for professional restaurants kitchens, hotels, catering services and bakeries, to personal servings (offered to restaurant visitors), and retail packages which are available in leading retail store chains in Israel and worldwide.

In order to allow the religious public to enjoy the best, we follow strict kosher standards, and hold the "Badatz Eda Haredit" Kosher supervision.


Meitav also offer a private label service for retail chains and leading wholesalers with special focus on adjusting the product and the package to customer's needs.


At Meitav we do not rest for a second. Every day the search for new, wonderful products and ways to improve our existing ones is continued, so that everybody will keep on enjoying the best for days to come.